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Agtronics are dealers and manufacturers of agricultural electronics, precision farming and telemetry equipment. You can trust that Agtronics will supply high performance equipment suited to the unique needs of Australian agriculture. When you buy from Agtronics, it’s not just another piece of equipment. We are dedicated to making sure your agricultural business succeeds as it becomes more efficient and profitable by using the best technology in the field. Customers are treated as individuals with their own specific requirements. At Agtronics, we pay great attention to this fact and endeavour to meet our customer’s every need. You get great customer service from a totally committed team, we are confident in what we do and strive to do our best for you and your business.

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    Autofarm A5 Trade-IN


We are pleased to announce an A5 trade-in
program with the purchase of a
complete Paradyme RTK system.

1. Purchase a Paradyme roof module with RTK feature code,
display (3 different models to choose from) and
installation kit to be eligible for a credit of $8000.00 incl gst
off the total invoiced price
2. Credit is subject to the trade-in of an operational A5 roof module,
A5 display and A5 mounting armAvailable until 21st Sept 2015

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Danny Weier—Precision Ag Solutions
Mobile: 0497 292 258
Email: danny@precisionagsolutions.com.au
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A5 Roof Mount
A5 Display
A5 Mountiing Arm
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